Dances of Vice: Next Event

Sin Cities: Shanghai

June 19th at The DTA - 60 Pine Street, 9 PM. 

This summer, Dances of Vice presents a three-part series of nightlife experiences in a private Victorian manse that pay homage to the legendary "sin cities" of the interwar period: Shanghai (6/19), Paris (8/14 - Bastille Day), and Berlin (9/18). 

SHANGHAI in the 1920s and 30s tantalized the British, American, French and Chinese alike with its lawless streets and dens of sumptuous iniquity. Known as "the wickedest city in the world," artists, politicians, entrepreneurs, diplomats and the dispossessed roamed its winding streets, chasing thrills at every turn. 

The so-called "Paris of Asia" even surpassed its European counterpart with the sheer volume of drugs, sex, sights and sounds offered to bold adventurers from far and wide. Enter this paradise of the flesh with your wits about you: come as a boisterous mobster or his made up moll, a traveling aristocrat, foreign dandy, or an artist hell bent on delectation and exploration.