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Sin Cities: Weimar Berlin

September 25th at The DTA - 60 Pine Street, 9 PM. 

This summer, Dances of Vice presents a three-part series of nightlife experiences that pay homage to the legendary "sin cities" of the interwar period: Shanghai, Paris, and Berlin. 

BERLIN: From the ribald to the revolutionary, Berlin between the wars drew a dazzling class of artists, intellectuals and aesthetes. Brecht, Berber and Benjamin were just a few who set the tone for this hotbed of intellectual (and skintellectual) rigor, where creatures of the night and polysexual pleasure-seekers came to life in vivid Expressionist tableau, bold Bauhaus designs, and daring Dadaist performances. For one night only, partake in Weimar decadence at its finest with characters plucked from the cabarets, the cinema and the streets. Paint your lids and lips and twist your languid limbs into dances of vice, horror and ecstasy - with a rare performance starring the incomparable Isengart with Grandpa Musselman & His Syncopators.