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Sin Cities: Paris

August 14th at The DTA - 60 Pine Street, 9 PM. 

This summer, Dances of Vice presents a three-part series of nightlife experiences that pay homage to the legendary "sin cities" of the interwar period: Shanghai, Paris, and Berlin. 

PARIS: The city of seduction never burned brighter than in the years following World War I. Paris ignited in the 1920s and 30s, entreating pleasure-seekers from all corners of the earth to its smoky cabarets and dancehalls replete with ex pats, ne'er do wells and lovers looking to get lucky.

These "crazy years" in the city of lights hosted some of the greatest creative minds of the century, from Salvador Dali and Man Ray to Josephine Baker and Cole Porter. Immerse yourself in jazz age jubilation, surrealist insouciance, literary glitterati, and showgirl coquetry. Luxuriate in Parisian freedom and its attendant thrills as you gratify all your senses in a seductive night of synesthesia and electric exaltation.